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By Hesham Ayad
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The 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup was the 17th tournament hosted this time in Spain, and the tournaments mascots were Olé and Hop. Olé and Hop’s name came from the word “alley-oop”. With 24 nations from around the world competing in 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup; by the end of the competition the last two nations to fight it out in the final was United States of America ranked number one in the world versus Serbia ranked number eleventh, and after the tournament ended United States was still ranked number one and Serbia increased its world ranking to seventh. Also, from 2019 which will be the next FIBA World Cup; the nations competing in the tournament will increase from 24 countries to 32 and therefore increasing the chances for more nations to be part of a major world competition.

The United States won their fifth FIBA Basketball World Cup Title equaling Yugoslavia with most world titles. The United States took the gold medal beating Serbia by 37 points, while France took third place and the bronze medal to beat Lithuania by 2 points. Unfortunately for Australia our overall performance was lack luster at best and purposely dropping a game at worst. The game that Australia lost allegedly on purpose was against Angola and FIBA is investigating this allegation. One of the reasons why it is said that Australia lost the game by eight points on purpose against Angola was so that Australia would not play against the United States in the last sixteen if Australia would finish second in their group; so finishing third would have them play against a weaker nation in the second round and avoid the United States. Australia achieved what they wanted and came third in their group played against Turkey in the last round of 16 and unfortunately still lost the game by one point. It is frustrating to understand a game play that in order to win you have to lose so you can win, it is all so psychological and the at the end of the day Australia still lost and dropping down two places to number eleven in the world ranking as well.

Just a final note of opinion about the Australian Men’s Basketball Team especially those who are responsible, if you can’t reach your full potential what is the reason for playing. If you can’t accept the fact that there are nations better than you and you are fearful of playing them so you pullout; to me does not seem professional. Individuals or groups when competing or fighting for something, struggling and trying to win; not because there is certainty of winning but because of the uncertainty of not knowing what lies ahead and the willingness to go forward into the unknown and try to win. Uncertainty of the future is part of life and it is nothing to be ashamed about, it is giving up so readily that can cause setbacks in the future. You go in always as a professional to win and not to lose no matter how well equipped, funded and skillful the opposition is and also it is morally right; so that our next Australians who will represent our nation learn from the ones before in the right way. I hope the investigation into Australia’s loss is not true and that Angola really deserved to win. Just take Serbia’s example where they came fourth in Group A only winning two games and losing three games but were still able to reach the final against the United States. A winning mentality is the best mentality even if you lose.

Now, let us concentrate on a different winning mentality and that is the AFL Grand Final between Hawthorn Hawks and Sydney Swans. Wow, again we have two sides who over the years have reached the Grand Final many times. Sydney and Hawthorn had their last meeting in the 2012 Grand Final where Sydney beat Hawthorn by ten points. Hawthorn has beaten the Swans four times out of five since its loss in the 2012 Grand Final. Sydney advanced to the Grand Final for the second time in three years with a comprehensive 71-point win over North Melbourne while Hawthorn beat Port Adelaide by three points and advanced to the Grand Final to play against Sydney. This Saturday will be Sydney’s and Hawthorn’s fourth Grand Final appearance in the past ten years, proving even more for both clubs that this is their age of prosperity, and also you can include another club in the mix and that is the Geelong football club (cats) who also appeared in four Grand Finals in the last ten years.

Between Sydney and Hawthorn they have both won once against each other this season with the Swans prevailing by 19 points in round eight, the Hawks by 10 points in round eighteen at the Melbourne Cricket Ground which holds a capacity crowd of one hundred and two thousand spectators and where all Australian Rules Football Grand Finals are always held on the last weekend of September. Both teams have plenty of experience in playing in finals and to predict who will win is like choosing the correct lotto numbers. Both sides deserve to win so either way expectation for a tough Grand Final with skills and endurance to match will surely give fans of Aussie Rules Football inspiration and those who are not equated with the game to be believers and admires of our indigenous sport.
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