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By Hesham Ayad
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The second half of this year has been a smorgasbord of world sport fever, with the World Cup Soccer, Commonwealth Games and now the World Championships of Basketball or the ‘Federation of International Basketball Associations’ (FIBA). Well, what can be said about the Commonwealth Games, I can say that every four years the Commonwealth Games keeps improving in glamour, professionalism and most importantly the increased skill and talent of athletes that can rival any other athletes in other international sporting events. Not only Australia and Britain in swimming but also many other nations like the Jamaicans and Kenyans in athletics who have brought the highest level of ability that break not just Commonwealth records but also International records which gives the Commonwealth Games more International credibility that can rival other International sporting organisations such as the Olympics. With an increase to 71 Nations competing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, future Commonwealth Games will have more nations joining and causing upsets and better competitions. We may be upset as Australians to lose the mantle of being top of the medal tally, but is this a bad thing?

Having England competing and winning medals from Australia, this will assist Australian athletes to do better and not be complacent and try harder to be on top again. This will assist Australia to improve mentally and physically to do better next Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and other International sports. With high profile record breaking athletes such as Jamaica’s 100 m sprinter Usain Bolt, Kenyan’s 3000 m marathon runner Ezekiel Kemboi, Australia’s swimmer in the 100 relay in freestyle and back stroke Emily Seebohm or England’s long jump Greg Rutherford all have something in common winning gold medals, not only winning Gold medals at the Scotland Commonwealth Games but also winning gold medals at the Olympics. This shows that the standards of Commonwealth athletes are some of the best in the world and more athletes are coming through who are world beaters. Let us not forget also, the Para-Athletes at the Commonwealth Games who have enjoyed success in their sporting events. Twenty Two Para-Sport events were competed in five different sports (athletics, cycling, lawn bowls, swimming and weightlifting) which, Australian athletes were a part of. Australian Para-Athletes won medals in Athletics 3, Bowls 1, Cycling 5 and Swimming 9. Two of Australia’s Para-Athletes won Gold and broke World Records in their events are: Rowan Crothers>Swimming> S9 100m Freestyle and Maddison Elliott>Swimming>S8 100m>Freestyle.

Australia will improve as long as the resources and funding keep coming, which will help Australian talent to improve not just at future Commonwealth Game events but at other bigger events like the Olympics or FIBA Basketball World Cup. Speaking of the World Championships in Basketball, the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup will be held in Spain from 30 August to 15 September and will be televised live and in full, free-to-air on ABC2 from Sunday morning August 31. The Australian Boomers Men’s competing in Group D against Angola, Lithuania, South Korea, Slovenia and Mexico. The World Cup will be hosted in Spain with 24 nations competing; with six nations in four groups. These nations are Group A: Egypt, Iran, Brazil, Spain, Serbia, France – Group B: Philippines, Senegal, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Croatia, Greece – Group C: Dominican Republic, Turkey, United States, Finland, New Zealand, Ukraine – Group D: Angola, Australia, Lithuania, South Korea, Slovenia and Mexico. Power houses host nation Spain, United States, Serbia, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, and Croatia are just some of the nations that Australian Boomers may face if it gets out of the Group Stage.

With Australia’s World Basketball FIBA ranking at number nine there is a lot of work ahead to beat nations who are higher up in rankings. Just to note; the Australian Women’s Basketball World Ranking is second in the world, so the women are fairing much better than the men. There are twelve Australian players in the squad however, in future; positions and players may change. For now the starting five men for Australia, their positions and heights are: Aron Baynes>Centre> 212cm, Cameron Bairstow>Power Forward>206cm, Joe Ingles>Small Forward>203cm, Dante Exum>Shooting Guard> 196cm, Matthew Dellavedova>Point Guard>193cm, with Australian Boomers Head Coach Andrej Lemanis. All starting five players play overseas mostly in the National Basketball Association (NBA) United States. The other players compete in other national leagues of Australia, Spain, Turkey, France and Israel. The average height of the Australian players is average compared to other nations however; Australia lacks a very tall Centre player where most centres would be over 7 feet/ 213cm and over.

We are also missing two skillful players such as Andrew Bogut>Centre>213cm and Patrick Mills>Point Guard>183cm are out through injury. Patrick Mills who is of Aboriginal background won the NBA championship with San Antonio Spurs this year and one of the most sort after players of the NBA. Both Patrick Mills and Andrew Bogut have left a large hole to fill in the Australian Boomers line up nevertheless, it is the skills and experiences that gets players through to finals and we hope that Australia will have the ability to match most nations if not all.

*****On A Personal Note: We At ExerciseNow Would Like To Wish Founder & Managing Director Of ExerciseNow Tom Barglowski & Partner Eri Shimizu A Safe And Rewarding Business Trip To Japan, Good Luck Guys! 幸運を祈る
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Thanks Hesham!
  • August 29, 2014
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