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By Hesham Ayad
We at ExerciseNow hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a wonderful start for the New Year. Fun is not over; there are plenty of things you can do during the summer to keep fit, just remember and most importantly to keep well hydrated.

Maintaining your exercise routine is important for managing your weight over the summer but, even if you go off your path, “NO WORRIES!”, We all gain weight at times and, if you’re careful, you can lose those one or two kilos off in a short amount of time. The following are some workout suggestions you can try, and it is important to adjust according to your fitness level and targets in exercises that can help achieve your goal in losing weight and improving fitness. Summer days are longer so doing more walking like an extra 10 minutes a day can assist you to burn a couple or more centimetres. Add intensity to your workouts, try interval training, working out for a few extra minutes or adding some high-intensity exercises to your routine like jumping jacks or sprints.

If you are not exercising every day try adding another workout to your routine and the routine does not have to be intense, try swimming, walking, yoga, cycling or even gardening another way to lose those extra centimetres off your body. It is summer so there is also going to the beach for walks, rowing, canoeing, surfing and other water sports. Use the parks and beaches to your advantage for things that you would do indoors and try doing them outdoors in the fresh air and sun, preferably early morning or late in the day would be better to avoid the hot sun and remember to keep well hydrated. Eating a little less can help lose some weight without going hungry. Try measuring your food for a few days and eating more high-fiber fruits and vegetables which help to quell your hunger and are the best sources of different types of nutrients that your body needs.

Making little adjustments each day, whether it’s a few more minutes of exercise or fewer bites of lunch or dinner can over time help you be free of those extra centimetres off your body without having to radically changing what you’re doing. And remember, as we are in a hot dry summer at the moment, spare a thought for our Olympians who will be competing in the very cold weather of Sochi Russia in February; between 7th & 23rd for the winter Olympic Games.
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Andrew Gray
Good read.
  • January 24, 2014
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another great article Hesham! Well Done!
  • January 24, 2014
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