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Interest in health and fitness

Pretty much all my life I have been interest in health and fitness. Mostly what makes us tick, why some people take action and others don’t? What is that some people are fit and others are overweight?

Firstly I thought it was the problem of not being able to find a health and fitness activity that suits different personalities. And ExerciseNow was born.

After speaking to hundreds of people in Melbourne and coaching them in fitness and eating correctly, I discovered that it was all in the mind. Everyone is pretty much equal and everyone has access to the same activities and facilities as everyone else. Fitness and diet is a factor, however the most important is the mind. Education and emotions towards what each individual needs and wants.

For example, a bride is more willing to lose weight and take appropriate actions compared to someone who has no anchor to go forwards.

So most important to anyone who is reading this, is to find the “why” for themselves. There is no right or wrong answer, there is just an answer. Once we know why we want to get fit we will find what is needed and the fitness activity will come to us.

If we don’t know why and we want to get fit, then just start doing little things and keep trying all sort of activities till one day you will find your why and niche in whatever you enjoy doing. There is always something for everyone.
Topics: Education, Why
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