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What is the difference between googleing the club I am looking for and using exercisenow?

There are many reasons. Mostly it is just a health and fitness search site where it provides the ease of use to browse all health clubs by category. But most of all at exercisenow we provide an unbiased search result. We display all the local health and fitness clubs including those who don’t have internet presence yet. We also take great care to provide our customers the information needed to make decisions on choosing a health and fitness club.
Other search engines, such as google, uses an algorithim (a serious of technical steps) to determine the search result order. You’ll notice that the results shown on google as an example are the larger health and fitness clubs. Usually a team of IT gurus who dedicate a lot of time and money having their website displayed first and in most cases the local health club is missed by the searcher.

What benefits do I receive by visiting exercisenow?

At exercisenow we take great care to provide you with the best information on health and fitness. We categorise the clubs in their appropriate category so the user can browse by category or by location.
We have also made it easy for all users to review and read reviews of others about a health club, as well to share the information via social media and email.
Most of the clubs listed have a trial pass for new members. As an example, before you sign up to a club, you may request a FREE lesson.
There are many other benefits, such as connecting with other health and fitness members, discovering sports and clubs that you might of not considered or heard of.
And all this is available through a smart phone, including apple and google app.

I am already a member of a health and fitness club, what else can exercisenow do for me?

Being part of a Melbourne’s Health and Fitness community you may be able to help other find they way to fitness, review other health clubs, and participate.
Being up to date with what health and fitness activities are available in your local area that you might of not heard of before. Be informed by events and as such and be connected via a smart phone.

When I google a sports club or a generic sport, exercisenow does not appear in the search result.

Recently we had to make a difficult decision to update our url name, which has rest our SEO ranking.
As this has just happened recently, we will be appearing in the search results better and bigger!
We have a skilled IT team who are constantly working on improving the ranking of our organic results for all search engines.

I am a Personal Trainer, what can exercisenow do for me?

Unlimited Deals and Listings for your Personal Training Deals to be listed all year round. As well as our IT department will give you a make over your deals so they will be found on Search Engines such as Google at the top of the page.

• Own domain, which can be portaled directly from another domain.
• iPhone and Android app that gives access to all the services which also allows to contact with clients and other members with the option of push notifications.
• Increased SEO ranking for the service and name, with Google, Bing and other major search engines.
• Exposure to tens of thousands of potential customers in Melbourne.
• Own online store, which includes a shopping cart and financial reports.
• Create coupons, deals, gifts, packages, events, vouchers, fitness merchandise, with your own terms and conditions and policies.
• No headaches for IT jargon, everything is simple to use and we have a support team who will help you with any questions.
• Video introduction for the profile, service, product, or just record fitness tips
• Direct post to a favourite social media site, like Facebook and Twitter.
• Create calendar events with the option of selling tickets through the shopping cart
• Created quizzes/questions to receive feedback about a service or product

Why sing up to exercisenow?

To be part of a growing Health and Fitness community in Melbourne. Participate in helping others on their journey to a better health and fitness life.
Support a Melbourne grown fitness business where as a priority it is to help the local community easier to find their health and fitness activity in their local neighbourhood.

How can I sign up?

Signing up is easy. We only require your basic information.
Full Name, email, DOB and gender (for lost password resets), a profile picture would also be ideal.
You have the option of signing up via Facebook which is secured and no information apart from your name, email and photo is collect. Your password is strictly controlled by Facebook.

How do I close my account?

You need to be logged in first, click on your account/privacy settings and select delete account.
If you need to close your account, please leave us a feedback so we can improve on your service.

Do you have a newsletter? How to subscribe?

At this moment we don’t have a regular newsletter, however we have an Articles section on the website where our editorial team post new articles on health and fitness. As a member you can follow the articles section and be notified of updates.

If I sign up, will I receive regular emails? (Junk mail)
NO. We don’t send out emails. We also keep your email private and only the administrator of the website can access this information. Refer to our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

How will exercisenow provide clients?

At exercisenow, we do our own advertising and advertise all the health and fitness clubs including personal trainers.

How will exercisenow help me chose the right gym?

Our team takes great care to provide the best information on all the health and fitness clubs listed.
Occasionally we have articles on how to choose the correct gym and fitness club.
If a client has questions about a certain club, they may contact us and we will be more than happy to help in making a decision.

Am I under any financial obligation when I sign up?

No. To register it is FREE and after that you may chose your membership type (refer to membership).
All paid membership is paid monthly via PayPal. Any membership can be cancelled at any time.
NOTE: PayPal has 100% money back guarantee without the authority of seller.

Will exercisenow expand interstate?

At the moment, exercisenow covers Melbourne and surrounding areas. In the future we will expand interstate, with Queensland being our next state.

Difference between a member and advertiser?

An advertise is a featured Health and Fitness Club. When a club is featured it is because it has been chosen by our staff as one of the better clubs or it has been purchased.

How do I advertise on your website?

If you’d like to advertise on your page, please email us at

What sort of payments methods do you accept?

All payment is done via PayPal, a trusted international payer which provided 100% guaranteed refunds without the seller’s authority. In rare occasions we may accept direct bank transfer as long as it has been prior agreed with the financial department of exercisenow.

In the Future we will have Credit Card credentials.

Do you provide any discounts?

Refer to Membership.

Can we set up the online store?

Yes. We can pre arrange a setup, including terms and conditions for your store. Please contact

Can you make me a website?

Yes. We can make you a website tailored to your needs, please contact for further information.

What is your refund policy?
We will happily refund a membership fee if we are provided with a valid reason.
Note that we do not lock anyone into a contract and membership is monthly.

How are you different to other websites?
What makes this company stand apart from the competition?
How does exercisenow improve the promotion of your cliental?

- We are a Melbourne based and know our Melbourne neighbourhood better, compared to any competitors
- Our aim is to help people get fit and healthy and provide a free service for this
- Our searching criteria is unbiased and provide a clean search result based on the users search criteria.
- We care for our customers, help businesses succeed if they succeed we succeed.
- We help Personal Trainers as they succeed we succeed

Can you describe your company? Could you explain the company structure to me?
(This means to clarify the management and departmental structure within the company?)

The business is an online service and is provided via the internet at the address of The business is registered as a Sole Trading Operation with the Victorian Department of Consumer Affairs. By the end of the 2012/2013 financial year, will change the structure to company, EXERCISENOW PTY LTD

The business is owned and operated by Mr. Thomas Barglowski who has a background in computer engineering, business development and health and fitness.

Exercisenow provides customers who enter the internet site the option of choosing exercise programs tailored to their needs. Through the interactive nature of on-line presents, the customer will be matched to a suitable fitness trainer, gym membership or an activity as well as the option of purchasing supplements or services through the online store.

When did the company (exercisenow) start?

Mid 2012.

Where will you see the company be in the future?

The company is growing and progressing forward rapidly. As the services increases, the company will be able to offer more in return to the local community. As such it will be the number 1 health and fitness website in Australia.

What software / systems does your company use?

The website is a very powerfully and stable coded core and mostly coded in PHP.
The hosting is Melbourne Based and reliable (same hosting as myer, coles)

How many health and fitness clubs are listed on exercisenow?

Over 4,000 listings, and are visited over tens of thousand times per month.

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