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Welcome to our Store! This is a Sample Store
Welcome to the exerciseNow online Store, where each user may have their online store.

The Online Store sells the following:
-> physical items, such as: supplements, equipment, clothing, etc
-> passes or tickets, such as: personal trainer lessons, gym/swimming pool passes, coaching lessons, etc
-> event tickets, tickets to attend any event.

Each store will have a unique website address, in the following format: store name

To open up a store, you will need to update your membership with exerciseNow.

Payment options: We use paypal as the main payment gateway, this will provides trusted protection and a safe known interface for both the customer and the seller.

The online store also allows the seller the following:

-> shipping cost by weight
-> Tax deduction/charging
-> provide coupons to customers (such as a discount)
-> create packages, such as buy one get one free or 10 for the price of one.
-> As a seller you will also be able to view sales reports, such as statistics and invoiced.
-> other general store setups.