Advanced Pack

720.00 AUD
Wow the Advanced Pack!!, you and your friend will be guaranteed a fit result at the end of 48 sessions where you get a 10% discount on your sessions with a coupon sent to you to claim as well as a pair of Boxing Gloves and wraps of your choice. The Intermediate Pack with 48 sessions is guaranteed to get fit. Training with your partner or friend will not only make it easier but also fun with this package deal. On top of the sessions you have purchased you will receive three FREE sessions each to show you the commitment from amazing to extraordinary. You will also get a free consultation to determine your health with the purchase of your pack as well as a team fitness test to determine your level of fitness as to measure where you want to be from where you are now. Also, you'll be given a stretching plan suited for your personal needs. This Pack is valid for 6 months from day of purchase. Recommended training at least once a week. Locations vary from Caulfield Park to selected locations between myself and client(s)

Package Includes: