Martial Arts Quiz and Answers 2013

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August 19, 2013 by
Martial Arts Quiz and Answers 2013
BY HESHAM AYAD - copyright 2013 Test yourself and see how well your knowledge about a variety of martial arts in this multiple choice quiz.
1. Kung Fu is renowned for its various animal stances. Which of these is not a Kung Fu Animal style?
2. What does Kendo mean?
3. Where does Taekwondo originate from?
4. Why was the art of Ninjutsu formed?
5. In traditional Karate, the highest belt colour one can earn is what colour?
6. What does Aikido mean?
7. Where do the basics of Judo come from?
8. Where does Kombatan originate from?
9. Where does Kick Boxing originate from?
10. What colour belts in Judo can you get?
11. What is an Aikido training hall called?
12. Vovinam is based on what martial art theory?
13. Where does Krav Maga originate from?
14. Where does Kung Fu originate from?
15. Who invented Capoeira?
16. Where does Jiu-Jitsu originate from?
17. Where does Hapkido originate from?
18. What is an instructor called in KungFu?
19. Where does Vovinam originate from?
20. What is the literal meaning of the word Taekwondo?
21. What main weapon is used in the martial art of Kendo?
22. The name of the room or place where you practice Karate is called a?
23. What main weapons is used in the martial art of Kombatan?
24. Where does Ninjutsu originate from?
25. What does Krav Maga mean?
26. What is Judo's closest meaning in Japanese?
27. What does Hapkido mean?
28. In what sport, related in some way to Kickboxing, are elbows and knees allowed?
29. What colour outfit do you wear in Capoeira?
30. Which martial arts are descended from Jiu-Jitsu?
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