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June 6, 2014 by
By Hesham Ayad -copyright 2014. Try out our World Cup Soccer Quiz and score goals, Good Luck! ©
1. In what year was the first World Soccer/Football Cup held?
2. Which Nation will host/hosted the 2014 World Cup?
3. Which nation hosted the first World Cup?
4. In what year did Australia play its first world cup?
5. Which nation won the first World Cup?
6. How many nations will play in the 2014 World Cup?
7. What is the nickname of the Australian Soccer team?
8. Which nation has won more world cups than any other nations?
9. Which was the first and only nation from Africa to host the World Cup?
10. How many times has Australia participated in the world cup?
11. What does the acronym FIFA stand for?
12. Who is the President of the FIFA?
13. . How many times has Australia hosted the Soccer/Football World Cup?
14. How many venues in cities have been selected for the World Cup?
15. In what Group and Nations will Australia play in?
16. How many players are there on the Soccer/Football field for each side?
17. What are the maximum players that can be substituted for each side?
18. In what City and State will Australia be based?
19. Which Nation will hold the 2018 Soccer/Football World Cup?
20. What colour card is displayed by a referee to indicate that a player has been sent off?
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Great Quiz and timing for the World Cup!
  • June 6, 2014
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Hesham Ayad
Thank you,dziękuję
  • June 7, 2014
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