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'A unique local 'industrial' game of Melbourne, Australia'

Location: Yarraville ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Yarraville
Post Code: 3013
Street: Postal Address: 48 Fehon street
Phone: 0421 791 071
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Slogan: 'A unique local 'industrial' game of Melbourne, Australia'
Bio: The Victorian Trugo Association invites you to be part of history and play a game of Trugo today.

This unique local sport of Melbourne is played in the suburbs of Ascot Vale, Brunswick, Footscray, Port Melbourne, Sandridge, South Melbourne and at the home of Trugo, Yarraville.

Trugo is a 'true blue Melbourne Aussie game' played on a grass court by hitting rubber rings with a wooden mallet from one end of the green to goal posts at the other.

It is like a cross between croquet, wood chopping, lawn bowls and AFL football.
*Croquet - because of the wooden mallet used.
*Wood chopping - because of the hitting action.
*Lawn bowls - because it is played on a grass green.
*AFL football - because you have to hit the rubber ring through goal posts.

* Ascot Vale Trugo Club

* Brunswick Trugo Club

* Footscray Trugo Club

* Port Melbourne Trugo Club

* Sandridge Trugo Club

* South Melbourne Trugo Club

* Yarraville Trugo Club

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The teams pay $15 per year per person for registration; each of the clubs have their own in house method of raising additional moneys.

Trugo takes about one and a half hours to play.

Thursdays, the Trugo season runs from August to April.

Spring, Summer and Autum
Competition games are played on Thursdays.
Before Christmas competition games start at 1.00pm.
After Christmas competition games start at 12.00pm.

Please contact Association for further information.
Telephone Number: (03) 9314 6324

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