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"Welcome to Victorian Rogaining Association"

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Surrey Hills
Post Code: 3127
Street: 39 Sir Garnet Road
Phone: Permanent Course Manager David Smith 9499 6266 (h)
Mobile: 0427 012 863 Phil Giddings, Membership Secretary
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Slogan: "Welcome to Victorian Rogaining Association"
Bio: Rogaining developed as a sport in Melbourne Australia in its own right in the early 1970's, but 24-hour walks had been held since at least 1947 by the Melbourne University Mountaineering Club. The word ROGAINE was coined from: ROd, GAIl and NEil, the three people in Australia who developed the first ROGAINE. Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation in which teams of two to five members visit as many checkpoints as possible in the specified time. In Victoria, rogaines are typically run over periods of 6, 12 or 24 hours. Other groups and events such as Schools, Scouts and World Rogaining Championships are different events involved for people to be part of. Also an annual report for 2014-15 can be at: file:///C:/Users/home/Downloads/VRA%202014%20Annual%20Report%20v4.pdf

In a bush rogaine teams travel entirely on foot, navigating by map and compass between checkpoints in terrain that varies from open farmland to hilly forest. However, the Victorian Rogaining Association also runs a few events on bikes, in metropolitan areas, on cross-country skis, and even in canoes! A central base camp (called the “Hash House”) provides hot meals throughout the event and teams may return at any time to eat, rest or sleep. Teams travel at their own pace and anyone from children, grandparents and great grand parents or 2-99 years of age can experience the personal satisfaction that comes from cross-country navigation at their own level of competition and comfort.

Competitors can start and end the event anyway the members like and decide the direction to go with. Some teams may cover more than 60km in a 12 hour event or over 100km in an event of 24 hours duration and many others may walk only a few kilometres and achieve just as much satisfaction. At each event the Hash House provides food and drink for competitors. These refreshments are included in the entry fees for the event. Teams may return to the Hash House at any time during the event and as often as they like for food, rest, sleep, and conversation.

Other forms of rogaining are popular, particularly in Australia during the months when normal rogaines are not held because of the weather. Popular variations include:
• Metrogaine - An event of usually around 6 hours and held in predominantly urban areas.
• Cyclogaine - Usually run for 6 hours in areas with trails suitable for mountainbiking.
• Snogaine - Held in areas that are snowbound and participants may either snowshoe or skito reach checkpoints.
• Paddlogaine - A rogaine on a water covered area, such as a set of interconnected lakes, participants can generally use any human powered watercraft they want.
• Pubgaine - A rogaine held within an urban center with a suitable number of public houses. Points awarded for pubs visited, with bonus points for drinks consumed per pub.

Participation for University teams are invited to contact for assistance with entering multiple teams and encouraging participation. Each year the Victorian Rogaining Championship is open to University teams and a University Category. All teams entered also qualify for four normal categories. Please email

The cost of entering an event is the advertised event fee only. Clicking on (I would Like to Join the Association) under the logon button on the Online Entry page. There is no fee. Rogainers are financial members for 12 months after the last event entered or 12 months after the last time you volunteered. You do need to create a membership record to enter an event. The membership record gives you logon access to the (Online Entry) system.

*NOTE: the Online Entry System will be offline for about a week leading up to and after an event. We still need to work offline at events.

Victorian Rogaining Association has training days for daylight and night navigation, whether you are a beginner starting out with map and compass (and never entered a rogaine before), or an experienced Rogainer looking to hone your skills. More information will be made available closer to the dates through the event calendar, (by clicking on the Events menu at the top and selecting Next event) on Victorian Rogaining Association website. Information is also included in the Victorian Rogaining Association newsletter or by emailing

Navigation Training (Daytime) >
This is our standard training day for beginners and others seeking to fine tune their navigation techniques. The day involves some basic map and navigation theory, pace counting, how to read a map, and then some exploring while trying to find checkpoints. Groups are usually about 3-5 with an experienced leader. The training is conducted in daylight hours and usually runs for 4 hours. A compass is helpful but we will have some for hire if necessary. Good walking boots, suitable hiking clothing, water, sunscreen etc is required. The event is held in Birdsland Reserve, close to Belgrave.

Navigation Training (Including Night navigation) >
This is the same as the Daytime Navigation training, but conducted with some or all activity after Sunset. Each groups has an experienced leader with about 3-5 students, visiting checkpoints in a bush setting. Navigation in the dark is very different and challenging. It is a step up from our basic daytime navigation training, and suitable for beginners through to experienced. Location - Spring Hill.

Navigation Training (Classroom only) >
This is a classroom based navigational training day, lead by an experienced Rogainer and trainer. The theory of navigation will be covered in detail. This course leads into the upcoming night navigation training. It is suitable for beginners through to experienced Rogainers.
*The course covers:
-Compass basics
-Geographic features on a topographic map
-Dead reckoning versus geographical feature approach to navigation
-Course determination for rogaining
-Night time navigational skills
-Realigning to a map once you are lost

Course Setting >
A course designed for the experienced rogainer, who wants to learn how to design a Rogaine course. The emphasis is to learn the tricks and traps to setting a course that will be enjoyable to all. The course will cover general setting guidelines.
- How many checkpoints for 6hr, 8hr, 12hr, 24hr
-What are some good resources to read?
-How far between checkpoints?
-How do you set a course that "flows"?
-Common mistakes
-Safety considerations (safety routes, out of bounds, mines, edges of map)
-Considerations for Schools Events
-Considerations for 24Hr events

For more information about Rogaining in Victoria, please contact Membership Secretary, 0427 012 863 Phil Giddings.
Telephone Number: (03) 9836 2353 Phil Giddings, Membership Secretary

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