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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: South Yarra
Post Code: 3141
Street: cnr of Punt and Toorak roads
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Bio: The Victorian Quidditch Association was founded in July of 2011 and is based on the fantasy book and movies of Harry Potter. By August of 2014 had 130 players in seven teams which are made up of community and university teams, which may now have increased to eight teams and compete at Fawkner Park cnr of Punt, Toorak & Commercial roads South Yarra Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3141(in front of the Alfred Hospital. In August of 2014 at Fawkner Park, South Yarra, launched its third round robin season, the Easton Shield. Association Vice-

President Gen Gibson describes quidditch as a cross between rugby, European handball, dodge ball and hide-and-seek. Each team has up to seven players on the pitch, each holding a broom between their legs. There is a keeper goalkeeper, and three chasers who throw the main ball, a partially deflated volleyball called a quaffle, to score goals each worth 10 points through one of three hoops at each end of the pitch.

There are two beaters, whose role is to throw dodgeballs called ‘bludgers’ at the other team. Players hit by a bludger have to run to the goal line and back before re-entering the play. The seventh player is the seeker whose role it is to catch the 'Snitch', who doesn't belong to either team. In the Harry Potter books, the Snitch is a small, fast moving golden ball with wings, and when you catch it, you get 180 points and it ends the game. There is also beach quidditch which is similar regular quidditch only on sand or in water. Bring your bathers, towel, hat, sunnies, and sunscreen, played this year at Currum beach; Steven Street/Old Post Office Lane, Carrum Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3197.

In the muggles version, a tennis ball in a pouch is attached by velcro to the Snitch’s shorts. The team that rips it off the shorts gets 30 points and it’s only then that the game ends. The pitch has no boundaries, so games can go for up to one hour. However, if the Snitch has vanished into the wilds of Fawkner Park, the referee can decree they can only use one arm, or stay within certain boundaries.

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