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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Croydon
Post Code: 3136
Street: PO Box 8140
Phone: 1300 4 76223
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Soccer Time Kids is an Australian owned and developed organisation who believe strongly in the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, ensuring our classes provide our children with a sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Our programs are designed for preschoolers and have an emphasis on educational development through soccer specific activities. Classes are determined by age so maximum skill development can take place. Our highly skilled and experienced team will coach activities involving co-ordination, balancing and movement where colours, shapes and numeracy are also incorporated further developing their learning experience. Our programs will ultimately develop your child`s gross motor skills, create social relationships and promote cognitive development

Why Chosse:

As an educational sports program we have researched coaching approaches, early years learning and development outcomes and cognitive development methods that are specific to preschool aged children.

We have created a program that is progressive for each age group, providing sports drills, which are achievable for that age bracket. A predominant aspect of Soccer Time Kids is the emphasis on our three areas for individual growth.

These developmental areas are:

Gross motor skills
Cognitive learning and
The building of social relationships.

All Soccer Time Kids sessions feature highly experienced coaches to ensure each child has the opportunity to grow and develop at their own individual rate. Following on from this, the Soccer Time Kids program offers three separate age groups (please refer to `Age Groups` for a detailed explanation of each age group) with each session running for a duration of 45 minutes.

The Soccer Time Kids equipment is specially chosen to improve the preschoolers gross motor skills and to generate a fun experience to their cognitive learning.

An aspect of Soccer Time Kids is the requirement of parental participation which allows caregivers to enjoy their child`s successes and progression within the program. Also as all Soccer Time Kids sessions are conducted in indoor facilities, preschoolers are able to enjoy their program without the weather elements disrupting their learning.

Established in 2007 by Bill Angeloglou this proud Australian owned and developed organisation revolutionised early child development using soccer as its main medium.

Classes are specifically designed and run by experienced and highly trained coaches to encourage social development together with parents in a fun and safe environment. What sets Soccer Time Kids apart from the rest is the method by which the coaches, not only coach soccer skills, but also teach. As an educational sports preschool program we have teamed up with leading experts in research coaching approaches, early years learning and development outcomes as well as cognitive development methods that are specific to preschool aged children. Ultimately the program should provide at an early age, a positive image for education and sports as well as health and well being for the youth of our future.

The Soccer Time Kids program has had a great impact on various community groups and organisations across Melbourne.

At Soccer Time Kids we offer a two week no obligation trial period for $37.00.
Telephone Number: 1300 4 76223

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