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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Melbourne
Phone: 1800 067 667
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Bio: School aerobics is a National competition, originally piloted in Victoria in 1989 when 23 teams competed for the inaugural Victorian State Title. Since that time the programme has grown to cater for over 800 school teams (more than 8,000 competitors) in six States / Territories i.e. New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania & Victoria.

In Victoria School aerobics are at different locations each year. School aerobics are now into 24th year, with athletes registered in every State throughout the country.

*Have you approached the Principal and/or Head of Department and put your proposal forward?

*Is there interest within the student body to start a team?

*Do the students know how long the commitment will last?
As a coach/co-ordinator do you have a training timetable to give to the students?

*Do you have a budget? How will you fund costumes and music?

*Are you allowed to train before school/lunchtimes / after school/holidays?

*What facilities are available for training?

*Call School aerobics at Head Office for the current School aerobics. Rules and Guidelines on 07 5442 7731 or 1800 067 667 and School aerobics will send you out the whole package with Rules and Guidelines, entry forms, getting Started Package etc!

*Ask School aerobics about Stage 1 and Stage 2 for your school if you are not yet confident to choregraph your own routines. It is a great Starting Point and involves a 10 class lesson plan to teach the routine, a DVD to assist you teach and the music cut and ready to perform, along with your entry fee paid for one team at the State pre lims or Spring Event.

*School aerobics Novice section is ideal for new Primary Schools who are confident to create their own choreography and choose their own music etc, but who are not yet experienced in the world of Schoolaerobics. Novice is only open to Schools who are either brand new to our competition or who are in their first two years of competing with School aerobics.

*School aerobics Primary Littlies section is also a great starting point for your youngest competitors if they wish to be away from the "big kids". It is open to grade 3 and 4 only in Vic and NSW, and Grades 4 and 5 only in Qld and SA. Both experienced and inexperienced schools are eligible to enter teams in this section.

*Create enthusiasm for aerobics by offering classes early in the year or late in Term 4 for the next year's competition.

*Place an advertisement in your daily bulletin, sports notice board or wherever relevant. You may also like to make an announcement at an assembly early on in the year to gain interest.

*Ask students who are interested to write their names on a list or contact you.

*Give all interested students a hand-out with the following information -Training schedules, dates of competition(s) and displays, cost (if any) to the students and expected team commitment.

*Know which section(s) you want to enter and the team size(s).

*If you have more students than you require you may need to have an audition. Remember that you can teach the same routine to different teams.

*Make notes as you are evaluating. It is sometimes hard to remember each student's performance when you have seen so many (i.e.try-out selection sheet).

*Look at the Rules and Guidelines to see which moves are prohibited (e.g. Dive Roll) and which are Compulsory (e.g. High Leg Kicks, Jumping Jacks & Push-Ups & Straddle Sit (only for those sections not permitted to perform the splits)).

*If you decide to have an audition, make up a short routine (approx 30 secs). Make sure you include the three or four Compulsory Moves.

*Teach the routine to interested students, then go over and over the routine with them looking for good technique, flexibility, strength and enthusiasm.

*Length - The music MUST be 1 minute 50 seconds to 2 minutes plus or minus 5 seconds (i.e. 1:45 to 2.05). To avoid any concern with different stereo systems playing at slightly different speeds, we suggest 1 min 55 secs just to be safe.

*Choosing Music - Find an aerobics music company (our preferred choice is Medium Rare Productions - see details below) and they will advise you on how to choose your music, and how to go about getting a cut done of the music of your choice. This is much easier than trying to make up your own CD and offers a far better quality product. Make sure it is the required length because different competitions have different requirements.

*Choose two or three pieces of music (something that suits the age of your students) that you like (you are going to hear it hundreds of times!!!) and let the students you have selected for the team(s) decide which music they like. They need to have some 'ownership' over the routine. Sound effects can always be added to the music at a later stage, once the routine has been finalised.

*Speed - You want the music to be fast enough to keep the routine looking exciting but not so fast that your students canot keep up i.e. run/jump comfortably).

*CD's - Schoolaerobics only accepts CD's at events. School aerobics no longer accept tapes due to wear and tear problems with quality and stretching, however if you need your library of tapes copied onto CD, contact Music and Motion - they should be able to help!

*Choosing Team Names is a fun team bulidng exercise for the kids, so early in the year, as soon as you have your teams selected, let the kids come up with some fun names for their team. It makes easy for you when you are training them: you can just call out the team name and all those kids will jump to attention, and it saves time when you go to fill out your entry forms later in Term 1, as you will have the team names and the members of each team, clear in your head.

*School aerobics is always keen to help new Schools and Clubs become involved in our wonderful Events!

*If you would like your group to learn more about Schoolaerobics just give us a call on 1800 067 667 and we will help!

*If your son or daughter would like to find out where the nearest Sportaerobics Club that does Schoolaerobics is, then feel free to contact School aerobics to lead in in the right direction!

Please contact School aerobics for more information.
Telephone Number: Head Office on 07 5442 7731

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