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'Competence, Confidence and Success'

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Frankston
Post Code: 3199
Street: 3 Donald Ave
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Slogan: 'Competence, Confidence and Success'
Bio: RW Wrestling offers training in two technical wrestling styles. Freestyle wrestling that authorizes leg holds in the execution of every action while Greco-Roman wrestling forbids holds underneath the waist. Both styles offer broad technical and tactical development of throws and takedowns. Freestyle is open for women and men to participate, and Greco-Roman is only for men.

Preps: 5 - 6 year olds
Primary: 7 - 12 year olds
Secondary: 13 - 18 year olds
Seniors: 18 - 24 years old
(PEAK program, 6 - 10 years wrestling experience
and have proven national or international results,
training requirements are between 6 to 9 times per week)

Mixed martial arts (MMA) which is defined as an intense combat sport where jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and others forms of fighting styles are used to win a fight and are based on athletic-commission approved definitions and rules for striking (blows with the hands, feet, knees or elbows) and grappling (submission, choke holds, throws or takedowns). RW Wrestling works with individuals who want to increase their chances of winning in any MMA fights with the broad knowledge of elite wrestling throws and takedowns.

RW Wrestling offer specialised wrestling clasees for 1on1, or 2, 4, 6, 8 individuals ages 18+, book for an appointment.

Preparation of any kid, youth and seniors for competitive Freestyle and Greco-roman wrestling, or MMA can be only achieved through the structured periodisation training programme where physical, technical, tactical and mental development can progresively take place to advance ones' development for susscesful wrestling and MMA career.

If participants want to enter MMA event, UFC or wrestling event participants must get a professional coach to teach participants how utilise wrestling tactics and technique to be confident, competent and successful in your fights.

Combat sports athletes require to have a enormous dedication, talent and perseverance to be victorious in their fights. But such victories do not happen over night, as one needs to be physically and mentally prepared to overcome his opponents physical and mental ‘will’ to win.

Tailor programmes that will be based on individual skills set and will include the full range of wrestling discipline and fundamentals, develop your explosive power (plyometrics), build strength and boost your condition. Head Coach Richard Weiss prefers to work in small groups of 2 or 4 or just 1 on 1, for effective coaching.

Wrestling represents many skills similar to other sports, speed of a 100m sprinter; flexibility of a gymnast; strategy of a chess player; strength of a weightlifter and endurance of a long distant runner.
At RW Wrestling every kid and youth can wrestle. Kids and youth don’t need to be tall in order to make the team and individuals of all shapes and sizes can excel and enjoy the sport, the result is a positive self-image, self-control and healthy self-esteem.

Wrestling is a universal sport of all sports and can enhance the skills of competitors in AFL, rugby, soccer, track, cross-country, grappling and so on.

RW Sport Specific provides personal training sessions tailored to all individuals - ages from 13 to senior citizens - who want to lose weight, build mass, improve their muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and more.

Kids (5 - 7): Monday & Fridays 4:15 – 5pm

Youth 1 (7 – 12): Monday & Fridays 4 – 5pm

Youth 2 (13 – 18): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Fridays 5 – 6pm

Senior (18+): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Fridays 6:30 – 8pm, Saturdays 9 – 10.30am

Open during School Terms: 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Please contact RW for further information.
Telephone Number: 0447537361
Facebook link:

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