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'Cruz the Blues and Conquer the Blacks'

Location: Mt Hotham ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Mt Hotham
Post Code: 3741
Street: Great Alpine Road
Phone: (03) 5759 4444
Fax: (03) 5759 3693
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Slogan: 'Cruz the Blues and Conquer the Blacks'
Bio: Mount Hotham was established in 1952. Snowsports school, equipment hire, shops, supermarkets and spa are all just a short walk away - complete with stunning views. The resort's combination of walk-on beginner areas and friendly, patient instructors is perfect for those starting out. Hotham Snowsports Centre recommends that the start off learning to ski or board with a lesson; participants will learn quickly, safely and easily - giving students more time to enjoy slopes.
Mount Hotham Snowsports Specialty Programmes:
(skiing only) - usually between end of July and Early August (3 and 5 day programme options available).

Skimetric Programme (ski only), created to fine tune all participant's equipment to suit specific needs. This personalised half day programme includes on-slope analysis, alignment, personal instruction.

Black Diamond Workshops - Hotham’s extreme zones can challenge the best skiers and riders. Black or double black diamond workshop as part of a standard group lesson. Learn tips to master trees, bumps, powder or the park.
Park Rangers Squad (ski or board; 7 to 14 year olds) For 7 to 14 year olds to ski and snowboard with other riders, exploring natural terrain and Hotham’s in the month of July.
- Roughriders Team Ski/Snowboard (ski or board; 11 to 17 year olds). this programme will get the kids and youth speeding down the boardercross track, competing and performing in park-based competitions and ripping up the mountain. 5 consecutive Saturdays starting July through to August, usual start at 9am.
Private lessons are the ultimate way to learn with one-on-one tuition, Adult and Kids private lessons.
The Kids Snowzone features a huge variety of lessons programmes, activities, theme days and snow-play. Children from as young as 3 years can participate in group snowsports lessons.

Whether the child is a seasoned expert or is seeing snow for the very first time, there is variety of specially tailored lessons and programmes to get children on the slopes. The Snowzone is staffed by a range of qualified instructors that are dedicated to ensuring children have a great time. Group participation is also encouraged, meaning that the Snowzone is the perfect place to socialise.

The Hotham Kids Snowzone is located next to the Big D chairlift. All children 14 and under begin their lessons there. Every child enrolled in a Kids Snowzone program is offered FREE use of a helmet for the duration of their lesson.

Kids Klub (6 - 14 yrs) registration happens between 9.00 - 9.30am outside the Big D. You will be given a plastic tag when purchasing your Kids Klub program passes from any ticket outlet on the mountain. Please ensure this tag is securely fitted to each child's clothing when dropping your child off for their lessons.

For more information contact the Kids Snowzone/Big D
Phone: 03 5759 4451
All adult and youth lessons, for people aged 15 or above, start from outside Hotham Central.

Adult and Youth Group lessons at Hotham Snowsports Centre cater for all standards of skier and boarder.
They are a fun and cost effective way to improve your skills, not to mention a good opportunity to meet people of a similar ability.

Lesson Meeting Places and Times
Classes meet out the front of Hotham Central at 10am and 1.30pm (1.30pm lessons only run during peak season). Please try to be at the meeting place 5 – 10 minutes prior to the lesson to allow enough time for the supervisors to put you into the correct class level.

Level Ability>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Terrain
1. First Time Skier>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Flat

2. You can snowplough and stop.
You are learning to turn and
ride a lift.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Base of Summit

3. You can snowplough turn.
You have ridden a lift.
Mileage and consolidation skills.>>>>>Summit & Big D

4. Starting blue terrain.
Learning skills that bring your
skis for parallel.>>>>>>>>>>Sun Run and Slalom Gully

5. Parallel skiing. Learning long
and short turns with a pole plant.
Moving towards black terrain.>>Imagine & Snake Gully

BLACK DIAMOND: You can make short
parallel turns with a pole plant
on blue - black terrain. Workshop
topics include Dynamic Short Turns,
Intro to Bumps, Intro to Steep
Terrain.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Spargo's and Blue Ribbon

to 3.30pm daily. Skiing the whole
mountain. Workshop topics include
Off Piste, Ice and Steeps.>>>>Mary's Slide, Brockoff and Gotcha Ridge.

Level Ability>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Terrain
1. First time boarder. Learn
the basics of stance, balance
and correct movements.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Flat

2. You can slip on heel and
toe edge. You're ready to
learn to ride the lift and
link turns.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Summit

3. You can turn on green
and easy blue runs. You will
learn to refine turns and
venture onto harder terrain.>>Sun Run & Slalom Gully

4. Riding blue terrain and
easy black runs. Using terrain
more effectively. Exploring
Heavenly Valley and introduction
to freestyle maneuvers.>>>>>>>Canyon and Snake Gully

Black Diamond: Riding the
whole mountain. Short turns,
steep, carving and powder.
Park & Pipe workshop available
each afternoon at 1.25pm.>>>>>>Gun Barrel and Mary's Slide

Hotham Snowsports Centre
Phone: (03) 5759 4450 or
For bookings to Mount Hotham contact this service:
Mt Hotham Snow Service,
*Bus & Coach Scheduled Services
*902 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon, VIC(03) 9372 8721
Please contact Centre for further information.
Telephone Number: (03) 5759 3550
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