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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Clayton
Post Code: 3800
Street: Wellington Road
Phone: 03 8812 2728
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Bio: Monash Underwater Hockey Club started in the late 90’s and has a strong social component, accommodating novice and experienced players. The Club has a history of developing players capable of competing at an international level. Underwater Hockey is a component of the Underwater Club that offers a competitive angle to the Club’s activities. Playing Underwater Hockey does not require diving experience or a qualification.

The game is simple, just like any other ball sport that has a goal, however the underwater aspect of the game requires greater timing and anticipation skills. Underwater Hockey has its origins from the 50’s where it was devised as an activity to keep divers fit during the off season. Since then, the sport has developed considerably and is unrecognisable from it’s beginnings.

The game is played at a minimum depth of 2 metres, with 6 a side, and up to 4 interchanges. The primary object of the game is the ‘puck’ which needs to be put into the opponent’s goals. Despite the puck weighing 1 kg, when struck correctly it takes on the dynamics of a Frisbee and allows for a game that is fast, skilful and operates within a three dimensional playing area.

The equipment required to play is: Snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, fins) Playing sticks (used to propel the puck) Glove (to protect the hand against abrasion and the impact of 1 kg of lead) The Club has an assortment of gear to help you get started, so all you need is your bathers to start playing at Monash.

Monash Underwater Hockey operates twice a week at the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool Tuesday and Friday (8-9pm) Between March and November (inclusive) Tuesday sessions are 7.30 -9pm Depending on interest and numbers, we also run introduction nights over 4-5 weeks on an unplanned basis, and always keen to introduce players to the sport Session costs for full time Monash Students: $4, or $7 for others.

For more information please contact Monash Underwater Hockey Club.
Telephone Number: 03 8812 2728

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