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'One of the great things about shotgun shooting is the variety of disciplines you can shoot'

Location: Metropolitan Clay Target Club ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Epping
Post Code: 3076
Street: 20 Vearings Road
Phone: (03) 9401 3134
Fax: (03) 9401 3122
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Website: Visits 539
Email: Metropolitan Clay Target Club Inc
Slogan: 'One of the great things about shotgun shooting is the variety of disciplines you can shoot'
Bio: Metropolitan Clay Target Club

A round of skeet consists of 25 targets and is shot from 8 stations with only one shot permitted at each target. 7 stations are arranged in a semi-circular layout with the 8th station in the middle, between stations 1 and 7. Targets are thrown from a high-house behind station 1 and a low-house behind station 7.

Down The Line:
Down The Line is an Australian version of Trap. 5 stations are laid out in an arc with targets thrown from a trap hidden inside a bunker to their front. The trap oscillates left and right to throw targets in a 45 degree arc, randomly stopping and resuming movement to prevent shooters from predicting the angle of the target.

Tower is similar to Down The Line. 5 stations are placed in a straight line. Targets are thrown from a tower located behind the shooters. When a target is called for, the shooter remains facing forwards and waits until the target has flown overhead before taking up 2 shots to hit the target.

5 Stand:
5 Stand is shot from 5 stations and consists of 25 targets. Shooters stand in a cage designed to limit gun movement and targets are thrown from 5 traps. 5 targets are presented at each station.

Sporting Clays:
A number of stations are placed throughout the Club grounds. Each station presents 3, 4 or 5 targets to be shot as singles, doubles or report pairs. Different types of targets are used which are thrown in a variety of presentations.

Note: Due to the large area required to set up, Sporting Clays is only available to be shot on scheduled Sundays. See the Calendar of Events page for dates.

Please contact club for more details.

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