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'Beach Soccer Is Here'

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: St Kilda
Post Code: 3182
Street: Beaconsfield Parade, (next to Catani Garden)
Phone: 0408 331 343
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Slogan: 'Beach Soccer Is Here'
Bio: Lifestyle Beach Sports (“LBS”) is a company that provides sport and recreational minded consumers with an opportunity to participate in the new, fun and exciting outdoor experience of beach sports. LBS will allow sports enthusiast to enjoy clinics as well as both competitive and recreational games of soccer, foot volley, tennis, volleyball and a wide range of other sports in the sand, with the extra benefit of an outdoor beach party atmosphere. Lifestyle Beach Sports will give the community a chance to come together and create a wider and friendlier sense of community, commencing operations with Beach Soccer, but will also be providing other beach sports. Beach Tennis, Beach Volleyball & Footvolley are the other sports currently LBS will be providing but be on the lookout down the line for other new beach sports.

LBS has been working on this concept for five years and have a very considered approach to making Beach Sports a mainstay of Australian sporting and social culture. LBS are extremely excited that everything is kicking off.In it's early planing to take the concept around the country and set up bases around iconic beaches near each major city. LBS are also considering ownership on indoor sport venues in areas away from the beach that would include all of their sports and give the wider community a feel for beach sports and a chance to get an understanding of what LBS stands for.

**Check out Beach Soccer hitting Melbourne**
-Victoria's Women's Beach Soccer Championship-
-Victoria's Men's Beach Soccer Championship-

This event includes a Beach Soccer clinic, girls competition and mens competition all on the one weekend.

Recently becoming a FIFA affiliated sport fresh out of its third World Cup, there's social and competitive tournaments, as well as clinics for kids. Men, women, boys and girls. Registrations are being taken for next summers tournament for girls and seniors boys competitions which will be staged in November.

-Senior Men’s competition (16+) Minimum 5 players - Entry Fee ($10 per team + $ 35 per player)
-Senior Women’s competition (16+)
Min 5 players - Entry $10 ($ 35 per player)
-Special clinic with expert tuition for all juniors
Entry Fee ($30 each)
-Medals are awarded to all finalists, Djs, foot volley demonstrations, penalty competitions, prizes and giveaways, soccer stars.

Entry Fees, $30 per child
Duration 1hr 15 mins approx including small game

Beach soccer coaches and Rodrigo Vargas will stil be helping out, as the former Melbourne Victory player wants to still be involved.

**Prizes will be handed out on the day

After another successful year, Lifestyle Beach Sports are giving kids the opportunity to learn more about beach soccer. Don't worry if you had missed out on previous clinics as there will be an array of soccer coaches on hand to guide you through. Players will be learning both basics and tough tricks of shooting, juggling, side volleys and keeping the ball in the air off the sand, but the main emphasis will be on balance and control which is essential for beach soccer.

Open to both boys and girls, the clinic will surely be an experience for everyone. Ages vary from 5 to 12, so the coaches will be divided to help with the different age groups.

**Dimensions of the Playing Sand Court
The playing sand court is rectangular, 28.0m in width by 37.0m in length , and delimited by four lines: two sidelines (37.0m) and base lines (28.0m).
The four lines belong to the playing court of which they are boundaries. The boundary lines shall made of a tape or rope like resistant material in contrasting color with the sand. They are placed by means of special corner connectors and sand anchors, and attached to the goal posts. A perimeter zone of 2.0m in width surrounds the playing court.

**Number of Players
Two teams of five (5) players play the game on each team. (7) players for juniors. Two players, one for each team on the playing sand court, shall be the goalkeepers, and therefore allowed to touch the ball with their hands and/or arms in their respective goalkeeper's area. There are three (3) substituted players on the bench. During the match, substitute players and team delegates must remain in their designated bench area. Only the coach shall be allowed to stand; the substitute players shall be sitting on their chairs/benches until the moment of substitution.

In order for a match to start, both teams must have a minimum of four (4) players. The number of players can be completed at any moment during the game, by any player whose name has been included in the score-sheet before the beginning of the game.

There are no limits for substitutions of number of substitutions or timing for substitutions. A player who has been replaced may return into the match as a substitute for another player. A substitute player has to signal his intention to enter into the game by raising his/her arm up to the ref and he shall approach the substitution zone. A substitute player is allowed to enter into the playing sand court only after the player that is being substituted has left the playing sand court at the substitution zone.

**Duration of the Game
The game has 2 periods of 12 minutes each, for all group matches & 3 x 10 mins for finals. The teams shall have two minutes in order to change sides at the end of each period. If the score is tied in the knockout phase, there shall be a 2 minute "golden goal" overtime period, in which the winner of the game shall be the first team to score a goal.

The clock shall stop when: (1) a goal is scored; (2) at the referees' discretion in case of waste of time, such as a player's injury; or (3) when a penalty kick or a direct kick are warded by one referee.Clock shall be started again when one referee whistles the re-start of the game.

In case a shot on goal, including a penalty kick, a free kick or a corner kick, is executed right before the end of regulation time, the game shall end when a goal is scored, when the goalkeeper saves the goal, when the ball hits the goal posts without entering into the goal or goes out of the court.

October through to May on weekends tournaments, competitions and clinics are held for everyone at any age at St Kilda Beach.

Please contact establishment for further information.
Telephone Number: 0415 172 802

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