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Location: Melbourne ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Melbourne
Post Code: 3000
Street: cnr Franklin and Swanston Streets
Phone: The Lactic Factory (03) 9416 2508
Fax: Hard Rock (03) 9662 4144
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Bio: Les Rock was formed in September, 2007 and is a social indoor/outdoor rockclimbing network for lesbians, open to all, in and around Melbourne. The aim is to meet like minded people who enjoy climbing.

The network is open to all with any skill level, ranging from beginners to advanced, generally climb for approximately two hours
Technical equipment:
Indoor rock climbing requires special shoes and a harness. If you are a beginner and you don’t have any equipment, the Hardrock gym can provide everything for you. If however you are planning to come regularly, having your own gear will be more cost effective in the long run.
It is recommended to wear something comfortable – gym gear such as tracksuit pants or shorts and a t-shirt plus a warm top/jumper (in Winter) is ideal.
Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and a snack so you can rest and re-fuel during the night.
A basic level of fitness is required, if you can climb a ladder then you can rock climb. With time you will build an improved level of overall fitness, strength and flexibility. Rock climbing is also very good for your creativity.
During your first time at the gym, the Hardrock gym instructors will go through the security check and teach you how to belay. It is very important for the safety of yourself and others that you carefully observe these instructions and always remember to check both your own and your partners equipment prior to commencing a climb.

*Meeting weekly on Monday evenings alternating rock climbing, at Hardrock Indoor Rockclimbing Gym, cnr Franklin and Swanston Streets, Melbourne CBD,

*and bouldering, at the Lactic Factory, 1 Studley Street off Hoddle Street in Abbotsford.

*Hardrock gym – discounted price for Les Rock members on Monday night from 5pm only.
$19/pp for entry including shoe and harness hire
$16/pp for single entry (for people with their own gear)

*If you buy a 10 entry card then standard costs apply ie $162 for adults and $144 for students and VCC members and is valid for 6 months. If you want to come with a partner who does not wish climbing but is happy to belay you then it only costs $6 for the belayer.

*The Lactic Factory (Bouldering)
$15/pp for entry including shoe – no harness required
$13/pp concession for entry including shoe – no harness required.
Please contact club for further information.
Telephone Number: Hard Rock (03) 9631 5300

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