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Location: Werribee ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Werribee
Post Code: 3030
Street: Cnr Kookaburra & Nightingale Ave
Phone: 0402 067142
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Bio: Glen Orden Sports Club began in 1979.

The club has Football, Cricket and Fishing.

No one who wants to play sport is turned away from the Glen Orden Sports Club.

This is just one of many similar stories and is an indication of the encouragement which all young people receive at Glen Orden Sports Club.

The Glen Orden Sports Club has some great ideas and innovative plans for the future. However, money is always in short supply. Although the management keep the Club solvent it is only by employing the strictest economies and making every penny count that they have been able to keep their heads above water, and there is no finance for improvements or expansion.

Even the facilities are kept viable only by the hard work of the members and volunteers who "make and mend" on a regular basis.

Although the football club has been its main sporting focus, the Committe would like to see the Club expand into other areas such as organising netball teams for women.

Young women are already encouraged to play cricket and football, as well, some of whom have already gone on to greater things.

Club President: Ken Parker
Telephone Number: 0402 067142

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