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'Sports and Lifestyle Center '

Location: Fitness Arena ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Roxburgh Park
Post Code: 3064
Street: 22-36 Reservoir Drive
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Website: Visits 755
Slogan: 'Sports and Lifestyle Center '
Bio: Fitness Arena 24 hour sports and lifestyle centre. Fitness Arena is a state-of-the-art sporting facility catering for all ages and all fitness levels . A first of its kind for the Hume community, Fitness Arena's unique combination of a multi-purpose sports arena, and 24 hour fully equipped gymnasium, is sure to excite all. The Fitness Arena Gymnasium philosophy is all about results.
Is available at Fitness Arena and participants are welcomed to for social games or competitions.
DODGEBALL: Is a fast paced game played two opposing teams at Fitness arena.
If you're not achieving your goals, then were not doing our job! With a large selection of equipment and fitness Arena 24 Hour Gym & Indoor Sports Arena. Sports available are Futsal, Basketball, Netball, Beach Soccer and Volleyball, there is also a cafe area where u can have coffee while your watching the games.

There is also a 24hr large gym, personal training, boot camp, mixed multi sports, dodgeball, Zumba, Boxercise, and kids programmes.

Do you want that sexy six pack or suffering from minor back pain? Well this fun 30min class focusing on core strength and abdominal toning is perfect for you. This class is designed for beginners to advanced participants.

Is a 45 min fun energy class focusing on fat lose, increasing cardio fitness, muscle conditioning, shape and tone your body. Using adjustable steps while working out to fun music will really give you the extra energy you need to achieve your fitness goal. Suitable for all fitness levels

An excellent 60min class to help tone your upper body, improve fitness and release stress. This class is sure to get you results. Using a variety of boxing equipment it will help with self defense and self confidence. Focusing on good technique your instructor will make you sweat like never before and yet you will go back for more! 1 hour duration, suitable for all.

TUMMY, BUTT & THIGHS(W/O= Women's only class):
Focusing on toning and shaping all the areas we want to look stunning in our bikini s. Using adjustable steps, some weights and own body resistance while training with motivating music, not only will you feel good but you will have fun at the same time. This 45 minute class is suitable for all fitness levels.

This 45-60 min class will make you sweat like no other. Burning around 600 to 800 calories each class is sure to get you closer to your goals. Whether its weight loss or just improving your fitness level this class will help you achieve it. Suitable for all fitness level.

This 60min class is great for kids who want to step up to the fitness challenge. They will learn great self defense skills though good technique and repetitive training. With the intense training they will gain a high level of fitness while have a ball.

This 30min class is located in the ladies gym using the new resistance equipment, the high repetitions will focus on firming the whole body and losing body fat. Shape your whole body in 30mins, fun music and fun Instructors.

60 min class designed to shape and strengthen your entire body as well as your mind power. Be challenged in a fun environment to achieve results for summer.

Is a 1 hour class combining the best of yoga and Pilates focusing on stretches, core strength, improving flexibility, balance, breathing and stress relief.

Is the new style of Pump exclusive to Fitness Arena, this barbell class that strengthens, burns calories, shapes, conditions and tones your entire body. This 60-minute workout will take you further than you could ever expect in your fitness journey. Plenty of challenges throughout the class you will feel your body working hard and if you keep at it you will see fantastic results. Get the body you always dreamed of…it's time you feel and look AMAZING! Beginners to Advanced participants welcome.

Is a unique style of dance class focusing on fun and physical training. Getting fit while dancing to fantastic music is a fun way to exercise. This 45-60min of cardio dance is just what you need to get into shape this summer.

45min class focusing on tone for your body, making sure you feel the burn in all the right areas of your body to look for this summer. Note: Make sure you listen to all Fitness Instructors; they are here to help you train in a safe and happy environment.

Please contact Fitness for more information.
Telephone Number: 1300 302 022

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