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Location: Richmond ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Richmond
Post Code: 3121
Street: 555 Victoria Street
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At Dominance Mixed Martial Arts we provide you with a positive training environment, passionate highly skilled coaches, top level facilities and the challenges to keep you and those around you improving and progressing. Combined with your own commitment and passion we ensure you get the absolute most from every moment training on the mat with us and off the mat as well!

Through training hard and training smart we forge strong wills, strength of character, and a sense of self than can only come from daily challenging ourselves in our chosen art - BJJ, Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA.

Culture and Values:

Dominance Mixed Martial Arts exists to convey a positive and ongoing lifestyle change to all persons engaged with the academy. As staff, instructors and students our intent is to bring positivity not only to our brothers and sisters on the mat, but to extend this out to our friends, families, and colleagues.

Integrity is a fundamental aspect of training. It outlines the way in which staff and students are to conduct themselves on a day-to-day basis, both inside and outside the gym: with honour, honesty, and authenticity.

Furthermore, our culture is one of family unity. We, as staff and students, connect and support each other both on and off the mat, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.

Training and living with purpose is crucial to both staff and students of Dominance Mixed Martial Arts. It provides direction and intent for personal success, irrespective of its focus.

Our practices are holistic, with a long-term focus on training. At Dominance Mixed Martial Arts we uphold the belief that lifestyle is a choice, and so we choose a lifestyle that consists of healthy living and eating, as well as care and consideration in each moment. As such, we behave in any given moment to the utmost of our ability with positivity, integrity, unity and purpose.


The facilities at Dominance Mixed Martial Arts are second to none. We strive to provide an amazing, positive experience and the training space is an integral part of that. With large and open training areas for striking, grappling and Strength & Conditioning. We ensure there is ample room to train safely regardless of class size. The academy is fitted out with only the best equipment available to create a great training experience.

Our striking mat is over 180m of the highest thickness and quality Zebra MMA mats. This area includes a boxing ring, cage and padded walls for MMA training as well as an extensive rack of Fairtex bags. Perfect set up for training Muay Thai and MMA.

The grappling mat is also 180m of the highest thickness and quality Zebra MMA mats and is padded on three sides. These mats are specifically designed for both hygiene and grip and make training in both gi and no gi that much better. Wall pads create a great area for training self defence and grappling against walls and cage.

The Strength & Conditioning area is 110m of rock solid IronEdge fitout. Racks, chin bars, boxes, rings, kettlebells, bands, balls and more. All the best quality tools to create amazing classes regardless of whether your training goal is general fitness, rehabilitation, or to get super strong for elite level competition.

Dominance provides newly renovated, spacious, clean change rooms, showers and toilet facilities for both males and females. For those who head to work straight after training or just like to shower as soon as you get off the mat the hot water is always hot.

For parents, friends and family we have a viewing area which gives a birds eye view of the striking and grappling mats where you can relax and watch classes while you wait. Free Wi-Fi is provided for technology lovers as well.

Hygiene is hugely important in training. As such bathrooms, mats, and all training areas and equipment are cleaned daily. Along with this we also have certain hygiene rules for personal training equipment and bathroom use to keep ourselves and our mats free of anything nasty and ensure the cleanest possible training environment.

We work hard and to provide a great facility. We are very proud of the result and sure you will appreciate it too!

Our Styles:

BJJ – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Muay Thai Kick Boxing
MMA – Mixed Martial Arts
Strength & Conditioning
Women Only
Kids & Teens
Telephone Number: (03) 9429 5978

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