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Location: Wonga Park ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Wonga Park
Post Code: 3115
Street: 7 Clifford Dr
Phone: 0433 128 937
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Bio: Boot Camp Melbourne has highly trained instructors that can provide participants with preseason boot camp weekend that will develop and enhance participant teams fitness and ability to work as a cohesive unit in the lead up to your season.

Instructors and guest instructors are all experts at the top of their field so each of your training sessions is delivered by an industry specialist. These sessions include MMA (grappling), Kick boxing, Core strength, Boxing, Yoga, Kettlebells, Strength training and much more.

Boot Camp Melbourne only use locations that enable provide participants with a top of the line preseason camp and activities that includes physical, mental and team challenges, a 2 day Boot camps with 10 - 12 sessions in 36 hours

Boot Camp Melbourne require a minimum of 20 recruits to schedule your very own Preseason fitness training and team building Boot Camp Weekend. Cost $220p/p - Discounts are available for larger numbers. In just 2 days you will complete 10 training sessions each session 1 to 2 hrs duration.

Every training session will push you to your limits both physically & mentally. Boot Camp Melbourne will show participants that you can run, climb mountains & jump off, do push ups, pull, push & carry things, get dirty, work in a team & as an individual, problem solve, over come fears & that even the most timid of spirits has a fighter within. On Boot Camp participants will learn that you have far more physical ability than you think, both physical & mental potential.

*Expert instructors and guest instructors.
*2 full days of fitness training, challenges, fun games & self development.
*Accommodation (Cabin, Dormitory or tent options available).
*Full Fitness Assessment.
*All Training sessions & equipment.
*Trust activities.
*Fully catered. We can meet particular dietary needs where required.
*Boot Camp Weekend T-Shirt.
*Certificate of achievement.

*Fitness Testing
*3hr Survival Orienteering challenge includes Raft Building (checkpoints are food and raft building material collection points).
*Commando course including a large array of rope and obstacle challenges.
*Tabata training session.
*Sport Specific Training session.
*Various team building activities.
*Core Strength.
*Accommodation Cabin and Tent options available.
*Meals Catered plus Ration pack option

*20 – 25 recruits $220 per recruit
*26 – 30 recruits $210 per recruit
*31 plus recruits $200 per recruit

Meals Ration Packs option:
*Cost 20 – 25 recruits $200 per recruit
*26 – 30 recruits $190 per recruit
*31 plus recruits $180 per recruit
-7am Arrive Camp - sign in and grab a bunk
-7.30 Fitness Testing 1hr
-8.30 Breakfast
-9.15 MMA 1hr
-10.15 Morning tea
-10.45 Boxing & upper body endurance session 1hr
-11.45 Toilet break
-12.00 Mystery challenge & games 1hr
-1.00 Lunch break
-2.00 Race briefing & accent race 1hr
-3.15 Snack & toilet break
-3.30 Bouldering Challenge 1hr
-4.30 Free time
-5.30 Dinner
-6.45 Night Activity 45min
-7.30 Free time
-10.00 Lights out - beware
-Mystery night time challenge 1hr

-5.30 Orienteering session 1hrs
-6.45 Breakfast
-7.45 Kick boxing & fartlek session 1hr
-8.45 Snack & toilet break
-9am Core strength training 1hr
-10.15 Snack/Lunch Break
-10.45 Commando circuit 2hr
-12.45 Shower & clean cabins (assigned tasks)
-1.30 Presentation & nibbles
To book or inquire simply call or send an enquiry regarding available dates to book your team in for a Preseason Boot Camp Weekend.

Please contact Boot Camp for further information.
Telephone Number: 1300 400 906
Facebook link:

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