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Location: Bangholme ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Bangholme
Post Code: 3175
Street: 88 Pillars Rd
Phone: (61 3) 9772 7447
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Bio: Blinkbonnie Equestrian Centre (BEC) is a horse riding school teaching English style riding and specialising in beginner to intermediate riders, opened since 1999 and only 35 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

Each year Blinkbonnie Equestrian Centre organises a number of events for students. Combined Training Day (dressage tests and jumping equitation), Show Day (led and ridden), Games and Freshman’s Jumping Day,
Stable Management Seminars.

Holiday Programmes:
Blinkbonnie has “Day Programs” each school holidays. The Holiday Programme teaches students horse riding skills and care for their horses. The programme runs from 10am – 4pm which includes lunch.

The right clothing should be worn, suitable gear and instructors are available.

Times and activities:
Monday: Closed

2:00pm ->Private (time by arrangement throughout day)
5:00pm -> Beginner 2 Junior
6:00pm -> Private

10:00am Intermediate 1 Adult
11:30 ->Private (time by arrangement throughout day)
4:30pm Beginner 1 Junior
5:30pm Private

3:00-4:00 Private
5:00pm Intermediate 2 Junior
6:00pm Private

11:00 ->Private (time by arrangement throughout day)

8:30 -> Private (time by arrangement throughout day)
9:30am Beginner Junior
11:00am Intermediate 1 Adult
12:00noon Beginner Adult
1:30pm Beginner (W/T) Junior
2:30pm Intermediate 1 Junior
3:30pm Intermediate 2 Junior
4:30pm Beginner 2 Junior

9:30am Beginner Junior (Private 9:30 -> throughout day).
10:30am Inter. 2 Adult (Arena1) + Beg. 2 Adult (Arena 2).
12:00noon Intermediate 1 Adult
1:00pm Beginner (W/T) Junior
2:30pm Intermediate 1 Junior
3:30pm Beginner 2 Junior

Please contact centre for more information.

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