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Location: Martial Arts Training Center in Bendigo ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Bendigo
Post Code: 3550
Street: 215 Breen St.
Phone: 03 5442 6613
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The history behind Bendigo Ryu Jujitsu ends with a significant contribution to martial arts that includes the development of a structured learning tool for jujitsu training and philosophies that work for modern social environments.
The style is a rejoining of modern judo, aikido, karate and jujitsu. All 4 have changed over many years to cater for modern environments and training types.
Jujitsu is by far the oldest of the four and with the other three evolving out of Jujitsu this style is a rejoining of them all.

Old style martial arts of meeting an attacker head on, force against force has all but disappeared in modern martial arts. The use of sabaki (moving off the line of attack) to combine attack and defence into one allows techniques to take advantage of attacker’s motion rather than just blocking it.
Maai (the distance to and position of the attacker) combined with sabaki and kuzushi (unbalancing) is the key to studying Bendigo Ryū Jujitsu techniques successfully.
The focus on Ki (the centre of the body’s energy) and the aiki (the blending of the motion from the attacker to the technique) form the bases for Bendigo Ryū Jujitsu practice. All techniques a centred around the most efficient point of strength, balance and flexibility. In most cases this is the area 400mm in circumference in from of the solar plexus of the defender.
Telephone Number: 03 5442 6613

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