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'Martial Training for Body, Mind and Spirit'

Location: Brunswick ▸

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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: Brunswick
Post Code: 3056
Street: 503 Sydney Rd, Brunswick Baptist Church Hall
Phone: 0401 859 762
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Slogan: 'Martial Training for Body, Mind and Spirit'
Bio: The Aikido Victoria Brunswick Dojo was established in November 2000 by Simon Pearce in order to promote the art of self-defence in a safe, methodical and supportive way by highly qualified and experienced instructors.

The Brunswick Dojo offers a range of classes to cater for people's level of interest and experience. From short Beginner's Courses to Intermediate and Advanced classes it has produced dozens of accomplished students some are now at Black Belt level. This dojo is affiliated with Aiki Kai (Australia) Inc, National Aikido Association.

Beginner's Courses introduces the philosophy and powerful techniques of Aikido with a strong focus on student safety and development. The Brunswick Dojo offers a highly developed and succesful introductory programme based on eight week courses run throughout the year.

- Warm up and stretching exercises
- Introduction to the concept and utilization of Ki
- Introduction and practice of Ukemi (safe receiving techniques).
- Basic postures and stances
- Practising basic Aikido techniques
- More advanced demonstrations by senior students and Instructor.

- A co-coordinated programme to experience Aikido over an eight week period.
- An introduction to the basic principles of Aikido, especially that of Ki.
- An awareness of conflict resolution through physical and mental flexibility.
- Improving fitness and confidence through bodily awareness and movement.
- An understanding of using Aikido principles in daily life.
- An opportunity to become a member of the Aiki-Kai organization.

(Tues 6.30pm - 8.00pm, Sat 10.30pm - 12.00 noon)

Concessions are available to holders of current Health Care or full time Student Cards. Junior rates apply to suitable students between 12 and 15 years old (parents permission required).

Regular Classes - for the experienced student.
Regular Classes, for students with some Aikido experience, are held at the dojo at the following times: Saturdays 10.30-12.00 noon. Concessions are available to holders of current Health Care.

LEARNING LANGUAGE = Aiki-Speak (Nihongoing flow):
An interactive lesson using the martial art of Aikido to present Japanese language and culture by combining Aikido demonstration with references to, and questions about, Japanese history and language, students are engaged in stimulating ways with a vibrant, "living" example of Japanese culture.

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Telephone Number: (03) 9484 6904

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