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Personal Training Session with Jack in St Kilda


Description: Take the opportunity to train with the best of the best.

Jack McLean is a Professional Personal Trainer in St Kilda and in the area.

Personal Trainer in St Kilda

Jack training sessions are proficient and he works on the 80 - 20 rule (if you are not familiar with the 80 - 20 rule, it is: put in 20% effort to get 80% result).

The sessions are one on one, one on two or a small group. Jack will give you his undivided attention during the training.

Personal Trainer in St Kilda

Prior to the first session, your fitness and health will be measured followed by discussing your goals and where you want to be, why you want to train and the psychology behind it.

You will be given a program tailed to your needs with exercises to take home so your fitness level will improve.

Personal Trainer in St Kilda

Contact Jack now for a phone consultation to discuss if he can help you achieve your fitness levels.

You will not be disappointed.


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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Suburb: St Kilda
Post Code: 3182
Street: Marine Parade
Phone: 0402-554-434

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