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Professional Personal Trainer Scarborough Perth


Description: Are you looking for a Professional Personal Trainer in the area of Scarborough WA Perth?

I am not your everyday personal trainer from the gym who motivates you to lift that weight one more time and run for that extra 5 minutes.

A Professional Personal Trainer is someone that looks over the entire life style of the client, the one that understands the ripple effects of every move and exercise.

My name is Chris and I am a professional personal trainer form Norway, yes that is where the vikings are form.

My aim with clients is to look at their lifestyle and understand exactly what each one of the clients is after.

We dig deep into the diet which is one of the most important and most overlooked amongst many trainers. I then apply the 80-20 philosyphy which basically means, I will teach all my clients the 20% effort to get 80% results.

It is not easy yet very simple and the results of all my clients are outstanding.

Contact me to book in an assessment. We will discuss your goals, what you'd like to achieve and test your fitness levels. Upto this point it is FREE.

My timetable is quite booked out, so I only have limited amount of space left.

Contact me now to make an appointment. My details can be found below.



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Country: Australia
State: Western Australia
Suburb: Scarborough Perth
Post Code: 6019
Street: Scarborough WA Perth
Phone: 0449-883-181

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55.00 AUD