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3 Personal Sessions with me to structure a specific plan and program to reach your goals


Description: 3 Sessions with a Professional Personal Trainer

-> 1 st session screening assessments, focussed on working out your muscle balance through the 5 primal movement patterns, start food diary

Personal Training in St Kilda

-> 2nd session goal setting, specific questionnaires designed for you to design a goal, or work out why your goal is important to you and why do you want to achieve it.

-> 3rd session hand in food diary and discuss the week of tracking your food and liquid intake, going into digestion health and work on detecting food your body may not be absorbing well and why, then develop a protocol to get your imbalances on track and get you thriving again or for the first time!

Personal Training in St Kilda

Overal a series of questionnaires, assessments to allow me to structure a in depth specific game plan for you to reach the healthiest best version of you.


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Country: Australia
Suburb: Prahan
Post Code: 3181
Street: Carlton Street
Phone: 0402554434

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