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Exercisenow lists all Fitness, Personal Trainers and Sports Clubs in Australia for FREE.

Exercisenow is Made by an active team of locals, it is the fastest growing Health and Fitness Directory and Community which engages Personal Trainers, Sports Coaches and Educators in sport and the local community.

Our Service:

ExerciseNow app will find and compare local fitness, sports club and Personal Trainers. Including but not limited to: gyms, bootcamps, martial arts, crossfit, water sports, team sports, shooting sports and more. With over 4,000 clubs in Melbourne and 150 categories.

Find deals and coupons for local gyms and sports clubs including Personal Trainers.

Are you a Personal Trainer? Or Looking for a Personal Trainer?

Join our free listing and be exposed to 1,000's of clients in Melbourne daily. Includes a free website at www.exn.com.au/ including own personal store with a shopping cart. Sell training classes via our smart mobile app and receive funds directly into your pay pal account.

Some more about ExerciseNow

    * ExercsieNow was founded in 2012 to help people find their local personal trainer and/or exercise activity in their neighbourhood.

    * ExerciseNow is connecting the local neighbourhood in Melbourne in Health and Fitness.

    * Other then searching, ExerciseNow also provides finding events, listen and talk to other members.

    * We screen each new member making sure they are in the local neighbourhood and are genuine.

    * Paying advertisers can never change or re-order their reviews

    * ExerciseNow can be accessed via iPhone, Android and other compatible smart phones.

    * We care about you because we are you.


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Our Team

Thomas Barglowski is a co-founder of Exercisenow who is passionate about the benefits of putting the customer before the technology and building products and services that delight the buyer and the user.

Hesham Ayad is our Editorial Manager and Senior Data Manager for our sports clubs. He is the brains behind all the quizzes and blogs. Hesham has been with Exercisenow from the beginning and has done most of the research on sports fitness and available fitness clubs in Melbourne. If you'd like Hesham to review or write an article specifically for a particular fitness activity, please contact him through his profile: www.exn.com.au/hesham

Chris Hansen is our Fitness instructor. His specialty is Kettle bells and has been a big part of fitness advice.

Eri Shimizu is our Fitness instructor and adviser. Her specialty is Yoga.

Tatiana Neofitnaya is our expert with our mobile apps and IT administration.

Abdur Rahman is a cricket player and is part of data management team. He has been with us from the very beginning.